[Kensington] Room Benefit - Kensington Moment

2024-01-24 16:13:53


Kensington Moment


It is a special service unique to Kensington, which is available for Premier Deluxe and above room customers.

* Kensington Kids / Premier Deluxe / Executive Premier / Prestige Suite / Kensington Suite


You can choose from 4 Moments and use them once a day.

* Available from the day of check-in to the day before check-out




| Place:  Lobby Departure

| Time:  8pm / Approximately 1 hour (pre-booking required)

| Content:  Starlight Tour


| Place:   2nd floor(Lobby Floor) / OHAS CAFE&BAR

| Time:  2:30pm - 4:30pm

| Content:  Two-tier tray of refreshments and two drinks


| Place:  2nd floor(Lobby Floor) / Infinity Pool

| Time:  8pm - 10pm / Available over 21 years of age

| Content:  Can Cocktail, Nuts & Chips

* The same number of the Can Cocktails as the number of adult guests will be provided, and a jar of chips & nuts will be provided per room.

* During Infinity-Moments operating hours, the room daily minibar(beer, snack, etc) and the wine of Healing-Moments can be brought in.


| Place:  2nd floor(Lobby Floor) / OHAS CAFE&BAR

| Time:  8pm - 10pm

| Content:  1 bottle of Wine / To-Go available

* If you use wine at the Ohas Cafe&Bar Lounge, you'll get a mini cheese platter.



-  The Starlight Moment based on advance reservation due to limited number of bus seats and may close early depending on the situation.

-  All moment benefits are subject to change depending on the situation, such as location, time, and content, all operational matters.

-  The Kensington Moment is a free benefit offered within the stay period for certain rooms.

-  If the Kensington Moment is not used, it will not be replaced with another product or refunded in cash. And if it is not used on the same day, the benefit will be extinguished. (You cannot change the date of use to another date.)

-  If you are unable to use the Kensington Moment due to night flight boarding, the same rules apply once a day. (You can use it once a day after check-in.)



Special offers for

Premier Deluxe / Kensington Kids / Executive Premier / Suite


BenefitPremier Deluxe & Kensington KidsExecutive Premier & Suite
Infinity Pool
Kensington Moment
Executive Lounge 
Executive Happy Hour