- Tubes, life vests, beach towels, paddle boats, swim pads, kayaks. Please note that rented items cannot be taken to the outside of the hotel.  

※ Please be informed that some items may not be available depending on the government’s policy (COVID-19). 

Please use the store inside the hotel or inquire at the front desk.

Kensington Hotel Saipan operates ‘Kenny’, a leisure activity expert team, to ensure guests’ safe and joyful activity experience. The activity program is regularly updated. 

[Kids Camp]

Entertaining Kids Camp with Cocomong characters! Children's experts provide various programs, including Cocomong Dance, Art School, and Marine School.  

[Kenny Play Deck]

Indoor activity space of Kensington Hotel Saipan. It provides indoor entertainment facilities for screen climbing, trampoline, ping pong, dart, soccer table, air hockey, and pocket ball. 

Commercial photo taking, video filming, and live streaming (including drone filming) without permission granted in advance are prohibited to ensure every guest’s relaxing stay. Please contact the hotel publicity team to inquire about filming permission.