There are no additional charges for activities in the hotel.

Please note that gazebos are accessible for ‘Gazebo Package’ guests only. 

Fitness center open for in-house guests & members only

It is accessible for guests staying at Executive Premier Room or above only. All-day refreshments and ‘Happy Hours’ during evening are additionally provided.  

Happy Hours are available for adults aged 21 or older. 

The height limit for the outdoor family pool slide and the infinity pool is 122cm.

Please note that there are time restrictions for the infinity pool as below.

- 10:00~17:00 Children and adults who are 122cm or taller

- 19:00~22:00 Adults only

Kensington Hotel Saipan does not have a separate coin laundry. Charged laundry services are available as per the information document placed in the room.