There may be no rooms available for the selected date, the promotion is sold out already, or the number of guests does not meet the requirement. Please try again after checking the room requirements and changing the date.   

If the flight is cancelled, please send us an official flight cancellation confirmation from the airline via email. Once received, the team in charge will verify the details and help you with cancellation. 

If the flight is changed, please let our reservation team know to reschedule your pickup/standing time. 

Reservation requests are marked as pending bookings first after submission and then processed in the order of receipt. Once your reservation is confirmed, a reservation confirmation email is sent to the email address submitted upon reservation. 

After submitting a reservation request, you can check your reservation details on the Reservation Review menu of the MRI Saipan Booking (integrated booking website). For confirmed reservations, the reservation details can be found on the reservation confirmation email.

Reservation cancellation requests are processed in the order of receipt. Once processed, you can check the cancellation request completion status on the ‘Reservation Review’ menu.  

Once your reservation cancellation request is successfully processed, you can check the status with the cancellation confirmation email. Please check your email you submitted upon reservation. 

If 3 adults stay in a room, 3rd person charge will be applly : $34.50 per night (tax included)

An extra bed is available based on request at $34.50 (tax included) per night, in addition to the third adult guest charge.